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6th June 2017
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Hitha V
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Collection NameRock Cut Cave Temples - Irunilamkode
Location/AddressMullurkara Panchayath, Thrichur District, Kerala .
Category (Palaces, Forts, Mosque, Temple, Church etc)Cave Temple
FeaturesThe idol is carved on rock at the bottom edge of a small hillock; inside a cave. This hillock lays spread in an area of more than 100 acres with solid rock.
Period of constructionFor, thousands of years, this temple was unkonwn and unseen to the public. About 300 years ago some villagers located it accidentally.
Significance, if anyThe structure of the deity is very peculiar and rare, perhaps, Lord Dhakshinamurthi, the master of all masters, sitting on a pedestal, one leg mounted on the other, head a little lifted up, body leaning towards back and with a charming look at his devotees. All the four hands are bearing the traditional symbols. A shining silver crown, on the head, augments the Lord’s beauty in appearance.
Additional Information(s)It is under the protection of the archaeological department of Kerala government. Reference: